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About Charlton City United Methodist Church

We are Christians joined by heart, mind, and purpose, seeking renewal and transformation in our lives and in our communities. Connected to the past, we walk the path of God’s unfolding truths as revealed by Jesus, the Christ of history. Fully awake to the tumultuous present, we live in the grace-filled presence of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Facing the future in uncertain times, we follow the light of God’s goodness, mercy, and justice toward a world made new by Christ’s love. We are the body of Christ in the world. Contact us, or visit us to learn more about how to become a part of our congregation.

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Our Church

The Charlton City United Methodist Church has come a long way from meeting at the home of Elijah Batchelder in 1790 at the corner of Ayer Road and Berry Corner Road in Charlton, becoming an official Methodist Society by 1972. As the Town of Charlton grew and changed, so did the Charlton City United Methodist Church, moving to different sites and buildings, and even undergoing name changes throughout the ages. However, the congregation's never-ending love for God, servitude to others, and sense of community has persevered throughout the years and the many different generations. The church that stands today on 74 Stafford St. has been our home since 2005, and it still holds memories from those that came before us, with our old Memorial Windows that reminds us of our rich history and the community around us. As our history continues, we hope that we keep our faith in God, our community, and our responsibility for our future generations.

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