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Use this Prayer Wall to share your joys and concerns. While you're at it, take a few minutes to browse the other prayer requests and lift them up to the Lord.

When submitting an online prayer request, please know that this is not intended for urgent requests. If you have an urgent PRAYER request, please contact Marsha Mason at 508 892-5303 or call the church at 508 248-7379 and leave a message, and it will be retrieved within 24 hours.  We reserve the right to remove a prayer request at any time without warning.  Feel free to re-post.


December 24, 2022

Glory be to God. Merry Christmas. Please assist me in prayer against sexual sin and the stealing of spiritual virtue through satanic dream projection by praying Habakkuk 2: 1- 20. Witch and Warloch Adjei and Barns' familuar spirits are living this scripture against me in action and deed. Please pray for their stealing witchcraft to cease, in the blood of Jesus' holy name and sufferage. I am delivered. Amen.


March 27, 2022

Elisabeth Bannerman Asking for Gods Healing for breast Cancer with spread of the Cancer Cells in the body and a starting radioactive Therapy for Cancer i am a resident of Accra Ghana


October 30, 2021

Dear Lord, Please take Everybody out of The SpongeBob SquarePants Fandom help transforms them into an New Generation of Fans that will ditch SpongeBob SquarePants for Anime(Like Digimon Digital Monsters) in Jesus Name, Amen!


May 12, 2021

Please pray for jab&jir for love forgiveness understanding healing unity peace joy reconciliation understanding unity jou companionship compassion agreement steadfast consideration


May 11, 2021

Please pray for my relationship. We have had many problems and it has caused serious arguments in the relationship. I feel that we are going through spiritual warfare in our lives. I am distraught right now. Please pray we resolve things. Thank you

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