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Prayer Wall

Use this Prayer Wall to share your requests and praises. While you're at it, take a few minutes to browse the other prayer requests and lift them up to the Lord.

Each submission will be moderated before it is posted, so there may be a short delay before the request is public. We reserve the right to remove a prayer request at any time without warning.

When submitting an online prayer request, please know that this is not intended for urgent requests. If you have an urgent PRAYER request, please contact Marsha Mason or call the church at 508 248-7379 and leave a message, and it will be retrieved within 24 hours.  Prayers will be removed after 2 weeks.  Feel free to re-post them if you still need prayers or your need changes.


Prayers for my sister-in-law, Kayleigh, who flew out to California Monday to a rehab facility where she will be for 30 days to deal with her alcoholism and mental illness. She left her husband and three boys last year and has been spiraling out of control ever since. Prayers for them all, please!


Please remember my cousin Gail in your prayers. Gail has ALS. She struggles with her speech and has begun to lose control of the muscle's in her legs. Gail has given her life to caring for so many. Thank you for taking care of her in your prayers.


Pray for my friend Theresa, she is in the hospital. She is an amputee and having problems with her other leg She is angry and is having some confusion about what is going on.


I pray that we would all thank God for all of our blessings, because even in these bad times, there is so much to be thankful for. We should pray and ask for the forgiveness of our sins and make our hearts right with God. Everyone please pray for our state, our nation and all of our leaders. They are faced with making monumental decisions daily and sometimes hourly right now. We should all pray for all leaders, throughout our state and country. Pray for doctors, scientists and researchers to come up with new, helpful information each day that would help them to find a way to help those who are sick, and prevent the further spread of this disease. Pray for all of those who have already lost loved ones. We should all pray for those in the medical fields and our military. Also, we should pray for teachers and students all across this nation who are trying so hard right now to help and lean on one another. There are so many things to take care of that came up so suddenly. Everyone is working so hard to take care of and meet the needs of students so they are ok. Say extra special prayers for seniors in high schools and colleges who are having a difficult time with such sudden chaos during what should be a time to make lots more special memories during their last weeks on their high school and college campuses with friends and teachers. Pray that God would also give a special annointing to ministers as they speak before us during the week and on Sunday through all types of communication, that they would give us just the message that God wants us to hear at that time. Also, we should all be in prayer for each and every human being in this world right now. May God Bless America and the World with a special healing touch.


Be with those who are sick and anxious. I ask that you bring healing and comfort to them. Calm their fears and let them experience the healing power of your love.


Almighty God, bless the leaders of all the nations with the wisdom and knowledge they need to keep everyone calm during this pandemic. Grant them strength and courage to lead your people. Amen.