October 2, 2022

Hello Friends,


     Did you know that the biggest reason why people give up, why people slow down, or why people do not reach their potential is fear.  Fear that they aren't good enough.  Fear that they will fail.  Fear that they aren't qualified...but God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies those who are called!  You see in the story of Moses. Of David. Of Saul. Of Noah.  These stories in the bible speak of people who were fearful.  People who lacked faith.  People who were nobodies that became somebodies because God's plan.  Sometimes, life is tough.  Sometimes we feel like Noah on day twenty.  We are stuck in the middle of our biggest storm of life.  We don't know what else to do, so we hold onto the wheel and try to navigate to shore.  When we place God outside of our circumstances, or we focus on what we want to do, then we find ourselves in trouble.  When God isn't in our circumstances, then things just don't operate properly.  The mechanisms don't work!  But when God get in the middle of it, it's like pouring oil on a chain.  Things begin to flow again, we begin to gain control of our ship, and the storms begin to clear up.  When we have faith over fear, then there is no longer an issue.  Faith is the backbone of belief.  Faith is what keeps you going.  Noah reached day forty as a result of his faith.  Saul became Paul through faith.  Moses led the Israelites from Egypt because of his faith. David's faith helped him to defeat a giant.  Imagine the fear that these people felt.  The fear of danger, the fear of failure, and the fear of change.  God doesn't call you when you're ready to be called, He calls you when it is time.  It isn't always ideal for you, but it is what is necessary.  


Events and Announcements:


Bible Study.  Tuesday, October 4th @ 1 pm


Council Meeting.  Tuesday, October 4th @ 6:30 pm


Choir Practice.  Thursday, September 6th @ 7:00 pm


Apple Pie Time!  Saturday, October 8th, Sunday, October 9th, & Monday, October 10th (more info below & attached)


Our church conference this year will be Wednesday, October 26th, at 7 p.m.  In person, unless plans need to change.  


This year the United Women in Faith will be participating in the 13th Annual 5K Walk/Run for Abby's House in Worcester.  The walk, or race if you are so inclined, is Saturday, October 15 at the West Boylston Middle School.   If you would like to join us in-person, sign up for team "Women of Faith" (Men are welcome to join us too.) at the Abby's House website. They are also offering a virtual 5K. You can get more info on that at their website. The cost of registration is $35 (plus $3.75 service fee).  If you can't join us but wish to support the cause you may do so here.

(It's Nancy Luscombe's fundraising page.)


Bishop's Days on the Commonwealth West District

If you did not attend the August 16th event, all clergy and laity are encouraged to attend the next in-person event scheduled for October 27th.  This is an opportunity to get to know your bishop and ask questions.  Light refreshments will be served.  Masks will be required.  

Thursday, October 27th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm - First UMC of Westford, 10 Church Street, Westford MA


One of the most fun events we do is right around the corner: making apple pies!  You can join us all-day Saturday (with lunch provided!) or Sunday after worship or Monday (Columbus Day/Indigenous People Day).  We'd love to have you, catch up with you, and do some good work (proceeds going to support UMCOR!).


Check out the attached flyer for more info.



God's Blessing to you all,





God’s peace & Blessings,
Renee Graveline


​Choir Practice.  Thursdays, 7 p.m.  Anyone can sing in the choir, so anyone can join the choir practices! ​​

Alcohol Anonymous, Saturdays, 7pm

Items for Homeless Friendly reminder that YABS (the young adult Bible study group) are continuously collecting items to include in packages for those who are homeless.  You can contact Kayla at for the Amazon link.


​​​​​Trustees Need Help The trustees have a number of projects they could use some volunteer help for.  Click for list of project.   Contact Gary Picard to let him/trustees know that you'd like to take care of one or more of the projects on the list.

Sermon Talk-Backs.  Pastor will  be hanging out in the sanctuary for about 45 minutes to answer any questions you may have from the sermon or about faith and life generally, or to explore further with you about how you are hearing God's speaking to you.  Come and prayerfully discern what we believe and how God is leading!


Southbridge Volunteers.  Our sister church in Southbridge is looking for more volunteers to help with their food and clothing ministry to those who are marginalized, down and out, and homeless in their town.  Especially after having Matthew join us recently, we hope many will prayerfully consider helping with their Friday (or Monday) time.  You can reach out to me, Jean Anderson, or Cindy or Kim Constantine.